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Hearthstone – Card Rarity

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

Recently, in expectation of the Naxxramas Expansion, I played a bit of Hearthstone. What I usually do is play a few games on the weekend. So I look at my three quests and cancel the one which has no synergies with the rest. Ideally I hope to complete the quests by as few games at possible. The other strategy (which I don’t follow) would be to always cancel the 40 gold quests, hoping for 60 or even 100 gold quests.

Anyway, since I didn’t buy cards with real money so far (except for the one purchase during the Beta phase to get the promo card Gelbin Mekkatorque), I decided it makes economically more sense to buy access to the Naxxramas quarters with real money, instead of buying cards with it. The ratio of gold per Euro/Dollar is almost twice as good with the Naxxramas bundles.

A “legendary” card (rarer than “epic” or “rare”)


Having said all that, what I actually meant to say was just that I noticed something and I don’t know whether Blizzard already commented. In WoW white are the trash items, green are OK and starting from blue items become good. In typical collectible card games (CCG) there is usually are large chunk of uncommon cards between the common and the rare cards. In Hearthstone white is common and blue is rare.

I therefore suspect that with further game expansions the green category (uncommon) will be added to the game. Maybe next year…